4 Great Alternatives To Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is an awesome part of Alberta to visit. But it can get busy and at certain times of the year just getting accommodation can be tough. Fortunately there are a number of other provincial parks that are within a few hour’s drive of Jasper (tops) and in my humble opinion are overlooked. Put them on your radar. They all see a fraction of the traffic that Jasper National Park gets.

These four provincial parks are accessed from Highway 40 just west of Hinton, the gateway city to Jasper if you’re driving from Edmonton.
The beauty of Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park

Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park

Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park lives up to its name. It’s wild, beautiful, totally off the radar and the sort of place that will appeal to people that love remote feeling, empty spaces. Just getting there via Highway 40 through Cadomin makes you feel like you’re heading off into the unknown, even though it’s only about an hour’s drive south of Hinton. Along the way you pass a major coal mining operation which might make you question if you’re on the right track. You are.

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