5 Things To Consider When Editing Black And White Photographs

Turning a photograph black and white is just the start of your editing process.

Bring out the best in your photos with my top 5 (easy!) photo editing tips for black and white photography.

What to Do During the Shoot

Before you convert your photo to black and white, take a couple of giant (figurative) steps back.

What’s the weather like? What kind of artificial lighting will be around? How do you want to use the final images? What’s the story you want to tell?

These kind of questions will help you decide what gear to take. This includes lenses, reflectors, filters, and tripods.

Showing Emotions Through Black and White Photos

As you click the shutter, get a feel for the emotion and light levels in the moment. This is so you can reflect this in post-production.

A soft foggy morning suits subtle adjustments in black and white with a sepia tone added. A modern glass and steel building in the sunlight could handle more post-production. You can increase clarity and contrast to emphasise the lines and shapes.

Black and white is brilliant for evoking emotions. Even if you’re not photographing humans or animals.

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