A Trip To Sulphur Gates And The Wilmore Wilderness

You’ll find the Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area just west of Grande Cache, a small community 425 kilometres northwest of Edmonton and a solid 4.5 hour drive away. The Sulphur Gates are one of three entrance points to the Wilmore Wilderness Park. While the Sulphur Gates area can easily be visited in under an hour, the Wilmore Wilderness which happens to be the largest wilderness area in Alberta that nobody has heard of, needs at least three to four days of your time to even begin to appreciate it.

You go to the Sulphur Gates to be wowed by the sublime views of the Sulphur River Canyon at the confluence of the Smoky and Sulphur Rivers. There is basically one short trail from the parking lot (scented with wild rose in June) that takes you to a series of viewpoints, each one offering an increasingly gorgeous view. If you’re short on time you could literally knock off an up and back trip in 15 minutes. But don’t rush it if you have a beautiful day.
The short trail to the highest lookout is scenic almost every step of the way

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