The Ink Pots Hike Via Johnston Canyon

Five pristine aquamarine coloured pools named the Ink Pots are a great destination for a picnic in Banff National Park. The trail to the Ink Pots is well marked, though moderately difficult with an elevation gain of 335 metres over 5.9 kilometres. On a summer weekend it can be a very busy place but if you go early or late in the day you might get lucky and have the place to yourself.
Plan on a picnic once you reach the Ink Pots

The Hike to the Ink Pots

Do the Ink Pots hike in Banff National Park with a start at either the Johnston Canyon parking lot or at the Moose Meadows Trailhead (just a kilometre or two further to the west) for a less scenic but quieter alternative. Certainly I prefer the Johnston Canyon route for its captivating beauty though on a weekend it’s incredibly crowded and parking is at a premium. Cars were parked down the highway for some distance on a recent spring weekend. The Johnston Canyon hike is considered to be one of the busiest hikes in Banff National Park.
width=”504″ height=”328″ />Head up Johnston Canyon by 9 – 9:30 AM and there aren’t many people around

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