Frontside skis are often overlooked in favor of their wider all-mountain brethren and the ultra-fancy, high-performance carving skis of the world, but the fact of the matter is, this style of ski reaches out to the majority of skiers. Not all skier’s have easy access to the dreamy types of conditions and terrain that are so well publicized in ski movies and magazines. The majority of skiers don’t always get knee-deep overnight storms or endless vertical of ungroomed terrain. Most skiers are spending time on the groomers doing hot laps, hitting the occasional bump line or want a ski that will be comfortable on longer extensions of the groomers when they travel to the rockies for a week long vacation.

What are Frontside Skis?

Frontside skis are designed to spend nearly all of their time on the groomers. Waist widths can vary, but typically around 85mm at the waist is the sweet spot you want to be at for strong intermediates to experts. This waist width is easily capable of maintaining a nimble edge-to-edge feeling with enough girth to motor through crud or light powder. Regardless of skill level, there is a frontside ski for everyone, from your bare-bones beginner skier to your most aggressive expert. The majority of frontside skis also include bindings. Not only is this a convenience, but, more importantly, they allow the ski to flex naturally for incredible edge hold, especially on firm or icy slopes.

With frontside skis being such a popular category, it was extremely difficult to narrow this down to only five skis. It’s a good thing that we are equipped with quality testers who have gone to lengths to put each ski through a rigorous testing regimen. These are the top five frontside skis according to our testers:

Atomic Vantage X 83 CTi

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